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Applications OPEN

for the 2024 Fall

Leadership Program 

Teens with Heartsongs are currently creating homes away from home for patients and their families.

Keeping families together in Times of Need.


We are high school students who are dedicated to helping our community through philanthropy, volunteering, leadership, and open inclusive hearts. We are forming High School Home Building Teams across the entire DC Metro Area. We need passionate, smart, dynamic high school students who want to learn, grow and be part of something meaningful!  

Do you want to join a Team?

Work with other teens on a student Team to raise funds. 

Do you want to lead a Team?

Lead a Team of students at your school, sports team, church or other organization; help recruit and organize your Team; communicate with your Team and help your Team reach your goals. Assistance will be provided by the Teen Board of Directors and a Parent Manager.

You will have everything you need to be successful!

Do you want to serve on the Teens with Heartsongs Board of Directors?

(Letter of Recommendation Required for Board of Directors)

Join a group of Teens who will help shape our organization, oversee the Teams working with Team Leaders, and help facilitate and execute the mission of Teens with Heartsongs.

Email to apply for the Board.

Why participate?

"Heartsongs is the best organization I have worked with in terms of character building and skill development for high schoolers. The skills I developed in communication, leadership, collaboration, and project vision are skills that I will forever carry with me. It it my true belief that Heartsongs has had the most consequential impact on my high school career, and the admissions officers at [The University of] Michigan agreed when they called me to express the importance they saw in the commitment to public service that Heartsongs brings. I will be forever grateful for all that I have learned working with you. They explained that it was Heartsongs that drew them to my application. Heartsongs has the possibility to do for every student what it did for me - instill a commitment to public service."

Zain Ahmed, TWH Student Director 2021

"I just wanted to express all my infinite gratitude for this incredible program and the great leaders of it! Thank you so much for all your commitment and dedication to the cause of supporting all the families at Children’s National, and by putting fundraisers out there to support this group! It has been so wonderful to work in this marvelous program! I have learned about outreach and really expanded my horizons by reaching out to different people and the most wonderful thing was the fact that we helped so many families while doing so! The experiences from this year have been so invaluable. My favorite part of our meetings was learning about children and families who really benefited from the Heartsongs program."Antonella Foschi, 2023 Team Leader Centreville High School

"My name is Jacey Spratt and my son, Benjamin Spratt (Walter Johnson - Grade 9) completed the program. I just want to reiterate what an awesome and meaningful experience it was for him; he truly got a ton out of it including the tour of Children's Hospital a couple of weeks ago. He is so lucky to be getting such great experiences so early on in his high school career. I know he wants to continue being involved next year. Grateful for all you do for Children's Hospital and of course for these kids." Jacey Spratt, Benjamin's Mom

"I can't express how important the housing program was to our family! My daughter spent 3 months at the Hospital and we had nowhere to stay being from out of town. The cost of a hotel would have been incredibly burdensome for us. Our family is so grateful to the Teens with Heartsongs program. We don't know what we would have done without you! Thank you!"

Grateful Children's Hospital Family 

Responsibilities of all Teens with Heartsongs:

  • Program Starts Week October 7th and runs through December 11th, 2024. 

  • Participate in all team fundraising events

  • Participate in team meetings, team zoom calls and planning sessions

  • Participate in individual outreach to raise money for Children's National Hospital Family Housing program

  • Participate in all education sessions to be held on selected Mondays and/or Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.

  • Respond to Team Leaders on a regular basis

  • On average, Team Members should expect to spend between 1-3 hours per week for the duration of the Program. 30 SSL Hours will be provided ONLY to those students fully participating. If you are non-responsive, not engaged, or otherwise difficult to get in touch with, your parent will be notified and you will be asked to leave the Program.

  • Rolling Application; Priority given to early applications. Deadline August 26th 2024. All Students will be notified of their Team assignment by Monday Sept 16th 2024. 

    Additional Responsibilities of Team Leaders:

  • Team Leaders will start Week of September 23d 2024.

  • Prior to Start of the Program, Team Leaders will participate in 4 training sessions prior to the Program starting week of Oct 7th as well as help recruit additional Team members if needed

  • Each Team will have 1 or more Leaders and Vice Presidents depending on the size of the Team

  • Manage and run your Team

  • Communicate regularly to all Team members

  • Manage Team fundraising events and individual fundraising efforts

  • Manage social media outreach

  • Team Leaders will be assigned a Board of Teen member and a Parent Manager to help the Leader in all aspects of their responsibilities. 

  • On average, Team Leaders should expect to spend between 2-5 hours per week for the duration of the Program. 45 SSL Hours will be provided only to those student Team Leaders fully participating. 

  • Rolling Application; Priority given to early applications. Deadline August 26th 2024. All Team Leaders will be notified if they have been selected on or before Sept 8th 2024. Student members will be notified of their Team assignment by Monday Sept 16th 2024. 





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